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GOLDGEOS Project: Partnership and Cooperation

The offered decision takes into account modern tendencies both in GIS and Data Warehouse areas, and also made high demands of qualifying standards of a hardware-software complex of information systems, based on the concept of WEB DW (scalability, mobility, portability, reliability, safety, modularity, functional completeness).

Developed WEB-based Geoinformation Data Warehouse Prototype (GIS DW Prototype) can be used as a kernel for development of the multi-user multi-purpose information systems (for example: GIS-Internet (or WEB-GIS) systems; WEB-based quasi-real time control and management systems; specialized decisions in the field of tourism, logistic, marketing, etc.), and as additions to existing Enterprise GIS decisions and products. Besides is possible to use of GIS DW Prototype for essential expansion of functionalities classical IT decisions (CRM, ERP, DSS, etc.) which move out these systems on essentially new level. Thus is possible use as 2D model, and transition to 3D model for storage, dataprocessing and visualization of spatial and not spatial data.

Taking into account an opportunity of use of GIS DW Prototype for creation of real systems on the basis of noncommercial platforms of RDBMS and J2EE Application Servers, the practical importance of GIS DW Prototype concludes in an opportunity of creation of information systems of a various level of complexity for SME business.

We are interested and open for fruitful cooperation: offers on the further development of the GOLDGEOS project or using of its results are always welcomed.

Fragments of the WEB-based Geoinformation Data Warehouse Prototype user interfaces (incl. WEB-GIS Real Time Subsystem)

Fragments of GIS DW Prototype user interfaces

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For more information about GOLDGEOS project please download GOLDGEOS project brochure (pdf 0,8Mb).

Also are accessible to download demos of the GIS DW Prototype in Downloads section.

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Dmitri Goldman


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